E+E Elektronik's EE771 flow meter measures mass flow or volumetric flow in supply systems

The EE771 flow meter from E+E Elektronik is designed to measure mass flow or volumetric flow in supply systems. The flow meter can be used to measure the consumption of compressed air, nitrogen, helium, argon, oxygen or other non-corrosive gases. The design of the EE771 flow meter is based on the direct thermal mass flow measuring principle.

The 400:1 measuring range is engineered to ensure precise evaluation throughout the supply system. The mounting concept, in combination with a ball valve, is designed to permit rapid installation and removal of the device, which remains operational at all times.

Two outputs are available. They can be configured either as analogue outputs (current or voltage), switching outputs or pulse outputs for measuring consumption. The flowmeter requires 18-30VAC/DC power.

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