Donaldson's P-SRF Sterile Air Filter Element features PTFE support material for sterile filtration

Donaldson introduces its P-SRF Sterile Air Filter Elements with PTFE support material for sterile filtration of compressed air, process air, technical gases and vent applications. The P-SRF sterile-wrapped depth filter element is designed to have a retention rate of ≥99.99998% related to ≤0.2 micron.

The P-SRF element with PTFE support material is engineered to deliver a 20% reduction in differential pressure during dewetting after steaming compared to the current element with Nomex support material. The P-SRF is designed to provide low pressure drop and improved high dirt-holding capacity. Donaldson P-SRF filter elements are available in 13 sizes and different connection options to meet purification requirements. The stainless steel construction ensures mechanical stability, thermal resistance up to 392° F and more than 100 sterilization cycles possible at specific conditions.

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