AutomationDirect's Bryant line of manual motor controllers is designed for motor disconnect

AutomationDirect introduces the Bryant line of manual motor controllers (MMC). The compact controllers are designed to meet the demands of a motor disconnect. Bryant’s controllers feature thermoset bodies to provide resistance to electrical arc tracking, and AC-rated silver alloy contacts for conductivity. The devices are available in NEMA 1, 3/3R and 4X enclosures; each controller has lockout/tag out capability.

Bryant Toggle AC manual motor controllers feature quick-make/slow break operation. Each toggle switch controller is designed to have a 10,000 amp high-fault short circuit withstand rating, dimensional stability and dielectric strength. Optional NEMA 1 enclosures without switches, as well as side guards for close wall applications and finger-safe environments, are also available.

Single-phase and three-phase toggle controllers are available in 30-, 40- and 60-Amp sizes, up to 600 VAC, and two-pole and three-pole configurations. The controllers are designed with a clamping plate for back or side wiring.

Available enclosed toggle AC manual motor controllers feature NEMA 1 or NEMA 3R enclosures. NEMA 1 metal enclosed switch controllers are designed with ½- and ¾-inch NPT wiring conduit knockouts. The all-aluminum cover and base are designed with top, bottom or back wire entry points; the base is pre-drilled for rear surface mounting.

NEMA 3R rain-tight enclosed toggle controllers are available in either all-aluminum or chemical- and impact-resistant thermoplastic enclosures. The all-aluminum enclosure, with pre-drilled base for rear surface mounting, is designed with ½-inch NPT wiring knockouts for 30-Amp models; 60-Amp models feature ¾- and 1-inch conduit knockouts.

NEMA 4X enclosed rotary AC manual motor controllers feature impact- and chemical-resistant thermoplastic enclosure bodies. An over-center rotary switching mechanism allows positioning of up to two N.O. / N.C. auxiliary contacts.

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