Miller Electric's WeldX apparel provides flame and spatter resistance when welding

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. introduces WeldX, an apparel line for personal welding protection that is designed to be lightweight and breathable, yet provide flame and spatter resistance. Crafted to be lighter than most leathers and flame-resistant cotton garments, WeldX reduces the potential for heat stress-related injuries.

The fabric consists of a blend of oxidized acrylic fibers and modern strengthening fibers, which are then treated with a proprietary compound. The proprietary compound is embedded into the individual fibers rather than being applied topically, allowing the garment to retain pliability and maneuverability. WeldX is engineered not to burn, melt, ignite or shrink, and laundering will not degrade its performance over time.

The latest addition to Miller’s Arc Armor line of welding protection, WeldX garments are available as standard welding jackets, sleeves, cape sleeves, bibs and aprons.

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