Zero-Max's Miniature Servo Class Couplings provide high torsional stiffness and low inertia

Miniature servo class couplings from Zero-Max are designed to handle high-speed reversing loads and precise positioning requirements in compact servo motor applications. The 16-millimeter servo class coupling has an operating torque of 4.43 in-lb in both single (SD) and double disc (SC) models. The SD005 model is engineered to deliver 43.3 torsional stiffness and 0.0009 in.lb2 moment of inertia. The SC005 model is designed to deliver 30.5 torsional stiffness and 0.0013 in.lb2 moment of inertia. All servo class couplings feature zero-backlash, flexible metal stainless steel discs and keyless clamp-style mounting hubs.

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