Turck's Q42 inclinometer features a CANopen interface for angular tilt detection

Turck has expanded its offering of inclinometers with the Q42, a dual-axis inclinometer sensor with a CANopen interface for angular tilt detection. Q42 inclinometers are engineered to have angle measurements of ±10, 45 and 60°.

The Turck Q42 inclinometer measures angular tilt in reference to gravity. An MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical system) device is designed to incorporate a micro-electromechanical capacitive element into the sensor that utilizes two parallel plate electrodes, one stationary and one attached to a spring-mass system. Movement causes acceleration that produces deflection in the non-stationary electrode. This results in a measurable change in the capacitance between the two plates that is proportional to the angle of deflection.

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