Ametek Land's iQ Series of infrared thermometers is designed for high-temperature control applications

The Land Instruments iQ Series of industrial non-contact infrared thermometers is designed to meet the needs of high-temperature process control applications. The iQ Series features an all-metal design with integrated water cooling and air purge standard, and screw terminal and power connections that are engineered to facilitate cost-effective operation.

The iQ Series thermometers can be configured using any permutation of four wavelengths, four feature levels and four focus distances to suit a range of processing requirements. In addition, the iQ Series features plug-and-play four-wire operation, and its eight-inch (210-mm) size is designed for limited-space applications. 

The iQ Series offers alarm relays, digital process control and advanced signal processing. Certain models have the addition of laser alignment and user-selectable focus distances, plus PC setup software.

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