Birchwood Casey's Clearlok polyurethane sealant protects zinc tri-chrome surfaces with a hard, clear finish

Clearlok Polyurethane Sealant from Birchwood Casey is designed to provide a clear, hard, high-gloss protective finish over trivalent zinc chromate finishes without significant dimensional change.

The Clearlok polyurethane coating is designed to enhance the durability of the newer trivalent chromates used over zinc-plated surfaces. Clearlok is engineered to enhance the appearance and gloss of the final finish while improving corrosion and scratch resistance. Applied using a dip tank process, the Clearlok water-based formula is designed to dry quickly and rapidly achieve full hardness and scuff resistance.

Rated for corrosion resistance of 48–72 hours of neutral salt spray or several hundred hours of humidity exposure, the Clearlok sealant is supplied as a concentrated liquid and diluted with tap water to form a thin liquid of dipping viscosity.

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