Ideal Industries' Twist-a-Nut 21-n-1 multi-bit screwdriver delivers 50% more torque

Ideal's 21-n-1 Twist-a-Nut multi-bit, dual-ratcheting screwdriver is designed to provide 50% more torquing power than standard ratchets. The four bits most frequently used are pre-loaded into the driver shaft, while the additional 12 specialty bits are stored within the handle. Its two interchangeable chrome-vanadium shafts are designed for driving 1/4-, 5/16- and 7/16-inch nuts.

The handle has two Accu-Loop wire looping holes, and the Wire-Nut ratcheting wrench formed into its bottom accepts twist-on wire connectors. The 21-n-1 is built around an all-metal, 28-tooth ratcheting mechanism that is designed to deliver 225 lbs. of torque. The ratchet provides three-position ratcheting action — clockwise, counter clockwise and locked.

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