SEW Eurodrive's DR motor modular system offers users the ability to specify the options needed for any given application

SEW Eurodrive announces the release of the DR motor modular system, offering users a single series with millions of drive combinations.

The modular system allows users to specify the options needed for any given application. Users in food, beverage, water and wastewater will find that the coating and sealing options keep these motors protected in wet environments in a range of temperatures. Automotive manufacturers rely on the many connector options to save time and ensure accuracy in installation and replacement. The variety of sensor and feedback options for speed, position and brake wear are well suited for electronic drive control systems found in packaging and logistics applications in many industries. Maintenance-friendly modular brakes, encoders and other options make retrofits and other field adjustments simple and fast in any market.

The DR motor comes in three efficiency levels: DRS Standard Efficiency (IE1), DRE High Efficiency (IE2) and DRP Premium Efficiency (IE3), which meets EISA 2007 and NEMA Premium standards for the United States and other energy standards in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In addition to energy-efficiency options, the DR motor also offers other customizable options, including brake size, cost-optimized encoders and mounting type.

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