Cubic Designs' Pivot Gate allows users to load and unload materials to and from elevated mezzanine floor areas

Cubic Designs' Pivot Gate is engineered to allow users to load and unload materials to and from mezzanines, elevated storage areas, equipment platforms, rack systems and other elevated mezzanine floor areas in a safe and reliable manner. 

In its normally closed position, the Cubic Pivot Gate is designed to provide a code-compliant rail barrier that is integrated into its surrounding rail system. In its open position, the Pivot Gate is engineered to protect the elevated loading area used for loading and unloading material, allowing users to safely get their materials on and off mezzanines without risk of personal injury to operators on the mezzanine. The open position extends the code-compliant rail system around the loading/unloading area during that operation. When one side is open, the other side closes, insuring nothing will fall off the mezzanine or platform.

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