PowerCET's PRO-flex ACP three-phase AC current probes facilitate power and energy measurements

PowerCET's PRO-flex ACP (Tridra) three-phase AC current probes combine three flexible Rogowski coil current sensors into a single package. Tridra probes are offered in models measuring up to 3,000A and 6,000A per phase. Each Tridra probe is equipped with a signal conditioning module with switch-selected 1x, 10x and 100x attenuation settings.

The Tridra probes are designed with:

  • A technology friction-fit coupling instead of a latch mechanism that is engineered to facilitate connection and allow single-handed disconnect; has IP-65 International Safety Code rating (dust tight/water jet protected), allow installation in harsher environments; and assure repeatable positional sensitivity (<2%, including coupling area)
  • Frequency response of 20 kHz
  • Low capacitance, resulting in low phase response error (<10 degrees @ 10 kHz)
  • High output sensitivity, enabling accurate measurement of lower currents.
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