Bodine Electric's WX gearhead is available with two 33A permanent magnet DC motors

The WX gearhead is now available with two 33A permanent magnet DC (PMDC) motors. The WX is a high-torque gearhead built to provide longer life and higher performance.

The WX gearmotors feature all-steel gear trains and synthetic lubricants. The steel gearing is designed to meet or exceed AGMA 9 standards to assure quiet operation. The synthetic lubricant is engineered to improve efficiency and allow these gearmotors to operate in a wide temperature range. Accessories include a bolt-on adaptor to convert the gearhead to three-point mounting pattern, as well as an L-braket for flexible mounting and a IP-44 protection kit. Forty-eight stock models feature 12 available gear ratios, ranging from 4:1 to 312:1, and rated output speeds from 658 to 2.9 RPM.

A low-voltage type 33A PMDC motor with a winding rated 12/24 VDC and a standard 90/130 VDC motor are available to power the WX gearhead. Both motors are designed to provide high starting torque and linear speed torque characteristics. They feature permanently lubricated ball bearing construction, as well heavy gauge steel housing and copper graphite brushes. The motors are totally enclosed, non-ventilated (TENV) and contain a Class F rated insulation system. Their windings are resin-impregnated, and the motor armatures are designed to minimize cogging and to operate quietly. “Accessory-ready” models allow for external mounting of encoders or brakes.

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