Master Bond's EP30D-7 flexibilized epoxy combines strength with chemical and abrasion resistance

Designed to combine the benefits of epoxy resins and polyurethanes, Master Bond Polymer System EP30D-7 is engineered for strength, flexibility, abrasion resistance and toughness. This two-component epoxy is designed for high-performance bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulating applications in the electronic, electrical, computer, metalworking, optical, electro-optical and oil/chemical processing industries. Its lower exotherm also makes it well suited for casting and potting in cross section thicknesses of over one inch.

Serviceable over a temperature range of -100º F to above +250º F, EP30D-7 is designed to cure at room temperature or more rapidly at elevated temperatures with minimal shrinkage. The system is 100% reactive and contains no solvents or diluents. The cured elastomer is an electrical insulator.

EP30D-7 is engineered to have a tensile strength of greater than 1,600 psi, a Shore A hardness of 90, an elongation of more than 40% and a dielectric constant exceeding 400 volts/mil.

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