Zero-Max's zero maintenance bearings eliminate the need for coupling lubrication and downtime

Zero maintenance bearings are available as an option for Schmidt Offset couplings from Zero-Max. This coupling feature is designed to eliminate the need for periodic coupling lubrication and the resulting system downtime.

Schmidt Offset couplings are engineered to transmit constant angular velocity and torque in a range of parallel shaft misalignments. The Schmidt sealed bearing coupling feature incorporates needle bearings with internal micro-poly lubrication.

Schmidt Offset couplings with the zero maintenance bearing option keep out contaminants and foreign matter, enabling the couplings to be used in less-than-ideal operating environments.

Schmidt Offset couplings are designed to handle high amounts of parallel offset up to 17 inches and are available with torque capacities up to 459,000 in-lbs. They impose no side loads on shafts or bearings and eliminate radial shaft vibrations.

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