AutomationDirect's expanded Nitra line is designed for pneumatic air supply pressure applications

The Nitra line now includes several series of products to help meet a range of pneumatic air supply pressure regulation and filtration applications. While each series is designed to work in stand-alone applications, the modular design enables field assembly for combining additional components.

The AF Series particulate and moisture separation air filters are available with 1/8- to one-inch NPT female port sizes and either a semi-automatic or automatic drain. Polycarbonate bowls are standard on 1/8- through ½-inch sizes, while metal bowl guards are provided on ¼- through ½-inch sizes. The ¾-inch and 1-inch sizes feature all-metal bowl construction with sight gauges.

Nitra AR Series pneumatic air pressure regulators are available with adjustable pressure ranges of 20-130 psi or 7-60 psi. These regulators feature a locking pressure adjustment knob and integral pressure gauge.

The AFR Series combines particulate/moisture separation air filters and adjustable pressure regulators, all in a single unit. Available in 1/8-inch through one-inch sizes, the pressure regulator features a locking pressure adjustment knob, integral pressure gauge with adjustable pressure ranges of 20-115 psi.

AL Series mist-type air lubricators are available with 1/8-inch to one-inch NPT female port sizes and a lubrication rate adjustment with sight gauge. The ¾-inch and one-inch sizes feature all-metal bowl construction with sight level gauges.

Replaceable 40 micron filter elements are standard. When stricter filtration is required, an optional, customer-installable, five-micron filter element is available.

Nitra ARV pneumatic manual shut-off pressure relief valves are available with 1/8-inch to ½-inch female ports. The three-way, two-position design is used to shut off upstream pressure and relieve downstream pressure. The manually rotated knob can be locked out with the included padlock.

Three series of directional control solenoid valves are also available. Solenoid coils for each series are available in either 24 VDC or 120 VAC control voltages. The available single-solenoid models provide two-position, normally closed, spring return operation and double-solenoid models provide two-position, energize open/energize closed operation. DIN-style wiring connectors feature LED indication of solenoid coil status.

AVP series three-way stackable poppet-style valves, can be used in individual valve applications or, to simplify piping connections, multiple valves can be field assembled to share supply air.

AVS-3 series valves are body ported three-port (three-way) spool valves with port sizes up to 3/8-inch NPT and flow coefficients (Cv) from 0.78 to 1.67.

AVS-5 series body ported five-port (four-way) spool valves are available with port sizes up to 3/8-inch NPT and a flow coefficient (Cv) range of 0.67 to 0.89. In addition, AVS-5 double solenoid models are available with three-position, center closed or center exhaust operation. For multiple-valve applications, AM-5 series manifolds are available in two, four, six or eight stations.

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