Yokogawa's Real-time Production Organizer features the R1.02 upgrade for improved production workflow

Yokogawa Electric announces the release of the R1.02 upgrade for Real-time Production Organizer (RPO). RPO is a suite of manufacturing execution system (MES) platform packages that is designed to integrate the vertical production execution workflow across departments and empowers decision makers to organize their work. With the R1.02 upgrade, RPO includes Workflow Composer VP, a package that supports the use of Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) and is used together with enhanced versions of Production Instructor VP and Production Supervisor VP, as well as third-party packages to standardize and automate business processes.

Product features include:

1. Workflow Composer VP
With its support of BPMN, Workflow Composer VP is designed to enable the standardization of business work processes and organize their execution. Workflow Composer VP has the following features:

  • The implementation of sequential flows can be defined using logic objects including Web services, e-mail, relational database access and scripting.
  • Interactive manual entry or confirmation can be performed using an RPO “E-form” on a Web browser.
  • The monitoring console provides execution status information and debugging assistance, and enables manual interventions for the suspension, resumption or termination of a business process.

2. Production Instructor VP
Production Instructor VP issues template-based or manual work orders for execution, monitoring and analysis to identify best practices. The features of Production Instructor VP are as follows:

  • Allows the customization of task detail and shift handover report forms
  • Has an extended OPC interface for process data collection
  • Enables the control of sub-task execution sequences
  • Supports up to 100 custom data fields

3. Production Supervisor VP
Production Supervisor VP is used to monitor KPIs in real time on a role-based Web dashboard. The features of Production Supervisor VP are as follows:

  • Includes general grid, rich trend and period comparison chart Web components
  • Supports the use of a generic relational database adaptor and a Web service interface
  • Enables changes to KPI limits from an external system
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