SolaHD's S4KC Uninterruptible Power System incorporates on-line, double conversion features for industrial applications

SolaHD has introduced the S4KC Uninterruptible Power System (UPS), which incorporates on-line, double conversion features. It is available in 120/208/240V or 230V models from 6000VA to 10000VA of capacity.

The S4KC UPS is designed to deliver continuous power to connected equipment with no break or transferring to battery. It has a rated output power factor of 0.8-0.9. The S4KC Series can be mounted directly into a standard 19-inch rack, taking 4U (7.0 inches) for the 6kVA and 6U (10.5 inches) for the 10kVA of rack space. It can also be floor mounted for standalone applications.

The S4KC Series is designed to combine flexible output voltage, internal batteries, an integral dynamic bypass switch and a maintenance bypass switch. Up to four external battery cabinets are also offered to achieve additional backup time.

Other features include:

  • Self-diagnostic capabilities
  • Rotating LED display panel for readout in rack or tower position
  • Multiple and simultaneous communication ports
  • Input voltage range to minimize battery operation
  • Hot swappable, user-replaceable batteries
  • Automatic internal bypass and a manual maintenance bypass
  • Continuous sine wave output to allow full compatibility with a variety of power supplies
  • Power factor corrected input to reduce reflected distortion while optimizing utility power
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