KardexRemstar's automated drawer carousel can provide more storage locations in less floor space

The KardexRemstar automated drawer carousel is engineered to provide more storage locations in less floor space. By increasing part density with 60 additional cell locations per bin, the carousel can provide up to 5% more storage locations compared to standard drawer cabinets.

The KardexRemstar automated drawer carousel consists of an oval track with rotating bins (or sections of shelving) containing shelves and totes that automatically deliver stored items to the operator. Similar to standard drawer systems, totes slide in and out of the shelving, allowing operators access to parts.

By eliminating aisle space, the automated drawer carousel requires less floor space than drawer cabinets.

The automated drawer carousel comes standard with FastPic5 Inventory Optimizer (IO) software, allowing the operator to retrieve a part with a click of the mouse. Instead of using a row-cabinet-drawer location to search through drawer cabinets for a part, the software displays a bin-shelf-cell location, and the operator picks from the active bin. FastPic5 IO also provides basic inventory management functions, including inventory tracking, location management and transaction reports detailing who picked what and when.

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