Circul-Aire's Circulaire Cleanaire gas-phase air filtration media removes chemical odors and airborne gaseous contaminants

The Circul-Aire subsidiary of Dectron Internationale has introduced Circulaire Cleanaire, a green, sustainable, gas-phase air filtration media for removing chemical odors and airborne gaseous contaminants in industrial buildings where indoor air quality (IAQ) is critical. 

The Circulaire Cleanaire proprietary process produces a randomly shaped, coarse-surfaced, granular media, resulting in multi-faceted macro surface adsorption capacity. Each granule’s rough surface increases contact and adsorption with gaseous contaminants.

The Circulaire Cleanaire coconut-based composition creates less environmental impact during disposal than the coal-based carbon media.

Circulaire Cleanaire is a dual mix of MM-1000NS and MM-9000CLT media that is designed to remove all gaseous contaminant by-products from vehicle emissions, such as nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and nitric oxide, as well as ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOC), plus lower molecular weight aldehydes and hydrocarbons.

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