Esco Tool's Millhog Mini Series welding end prep tool performs multi-angle end preps and squares-off hard alloys

Esco Tool introduces a portable welding end prep tool that is designed to perform multi-angle end preps and square-off heavy wall stainless steel and other hard alloys without work hardening.

The Esco Millhog Mini Series welding end prep tool mounts to the tube or pipe I.D. and features the EscoLock wedge-lock blade lock system and a cutter blade that gets under the material surface to pull a .020-inch-thick chip without cutting fluids. Designed to transfer heat away from the surface and into the chip, the blade has a sharp edge with an aggressive chip breaker that is engineered to produce a smooth end prep and prevents work hardening.

Powered by a 1-1/4 HP pneumatic motor, the Esco Millhog Mini Series welding end prep tool weighs less than 25 pounds, and is suitable for pipe and tube from 1-1/2 inches I.D. to 6-5/8 inches O.D. It has a self-centering mounting mechanism, uses TiN-coated cutter blades, and includes an air filter, air hose with quick-disconnect couplers, lubricator, wrenches and a metal carrying case.

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