MovinCool's CM12 ceiling-mounted spot-cooling air conditioner delivers 10,500 BTU/h

MovinCool introduces the CM12, a ceiling-mounted spot-cooling air conditioner. The CM12 is designed to deliver 10,500 BTU/h of cooling in a self-contained unit that mounts with standard, off-the-shelf hardware above a drop ceiling and requires no special electrical connections.

The CM12 comes with built-in capabilities and safety features:

  • A condensation pump, mounting brackets, and both return and supply air flanges
  • The unit can be controlled by an off-the-shelf thermostat
  • The unit can be wired into the building controls
  • Automatic shut-off is controlled from a common fire alarm control panel

Also, the CM12 has an operating range of 60° F to 95° F on the evaporator and 60° F to 113° F on the condenser. Separate ducts for supply and return air provide more air movement, improved circulation and more efficient cooling, even in tight spaces.

Warning signals and audible alarms for condensation overflow and unscheduled shutdown are built-in and can be wired to a central location. An optional air intake plenum and exhaust flange for rooms without a drop ceiling.

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