Casella's Microtherm heat stress monitor displays Wet Bulb Globe Temperature in real time

To combat the threat of heat stroke, Casella offers its Microtherm heat stress monitor. This handheld device displays in real time the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) index — the method of calculating heat stress.

The Microtherm calculates WBGT by means of three sensors: natural wet bulb temperature (tnw), globe temperature (tg) and air temperature (ta). Each sensor can be mounted directly on the instrument itself or be remotely positioned by cable up to 30 feet away. The data collected is compared to reference values as defined by ISO 7243 standard. In the event WBGT levels reach dangerous levels, the Microtherm is designed to alert the technician with audible and visual alarms.

The Microtherm's dot-matrix graphical LCD displays real-time changing values of WBGT indoors and outdoors. Its data-logging capabilities record date and time, plus the measured and computed values. Logging intervals can be set from 30 seconds to one hour with results shown in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

A Microsoft Windows 32-bit PC software package (Win HSM) for data analysis is included with the Microtherm. The software is designed to produce graphical and tabular reports that can be imported into other applications. Summary and WBGT Heat Stress Index reports can also be generated.

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