General Monitors' Gassonic Observer offers FM and CSA certification for ultrasonic gas leak detection

The Gassonic Observer is a non-concentration-based gas detector used to detect leaks from high-pressure systems. Like other ultrasonic monitors, the Gassonic Observer is designed to respond to the airborne ultrasound generated from gas releases in open, well-ventilated areas, where traditional methods of detection may be unsuitable or dependent on ventilation. Because the Gassonic Observer is engineered to respond to the source of a gas release rather than the dispersed gas, it is unaffected by changing wind directions, gas dilution and the direction of the gas leak.

The Gassonic Observer features a microphone and a detection radius of up to 20 meters at a leak rate of 0.1 kg/s. The detector also offers the Senssonic integrated acoustic self-test, which is engineered to periodically verifies the integrity of the electronic circuitry and the operation of the acoustic sensor. The detector is FM certified to IEC 61508 as SIL 2 suitable and is also approved under ATEX, C-UL and IECEx norms.

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