Emerson Process Management's Micro Motion F-Series sensors allow two-wire technology to be applied to a broader range of installations

Emerson Process Management has expanded the range of applications for its 2-Wire Micro Motion Coriolis mass flowmeters. The addition of the drainable Micro Motion F-Series sensors means that two-wire technology can be applied to a broader range of installations.

The addition of the F-Series range expands the line of Micro Motion Elite flowmeters for two-wire applications to line sizes from 1/10 inch (DN2) to 6 inches (DN150), with flow ranges of 0.075 lb/min (2 kg/h) to 20,000 lb/min (545,500 kg/h).

The 2-Wire Micro Motion 2200S transmitter used with the Micro Motion Elite and F-Series Coriolis sensors is engineered for full measurement performance without the constraints of temperature or viscosity limits. The 2200S transmitter is designed for integral or extended mount, and for long wiring runs and applications in hazardous areas. There is the option of a stainless steel housing for use in harsh environments.

The Model 2200S transmitter is intrinsically safe and has C1D1, ATEX and Zone1 hazardous area approvals. Equipped with MVD digital processing technology, the Micro Motion 2200S transmitter is designed to delivers multivariable and diagnostic information via HART or IEC-approved WirelessHART communications.

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