Hubbell Industrial Lighting's 200W E-HID Ecobay luminaries are designed to replace 400W MH fixtures

Designed to replace 400W MH fixtures, Hubbell Industrial Lighting’s 200W E-HID Ecobay offers improved Electronic HID technology. The luminaire is designed for high mounting areas that require maximum light output and energy efficiency. The fixture installs in three steps at existing mounting points with a hook mount or to ¾-inch conduit.

Pulse Start Metal Halide technology is designed to provide stable, color-correct light output (92 CRI) over Ecobay’s entire operating range. Ecobay’s lamp life and ballast design are engineered to deliver over 100 lumens per watt with 88% lamp lumen maintenance. The luminaire fits its any voltage from 200V to 300V without circuit overload. Ecobay is made of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel.

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