Spraying Systems' AutoJet Model 1550 Modular Spray Systems provide automatic nozzle control for improved precision

AutoJet Model 1550 Modular Spray Systems from Spraying Systems Co. is designed to provide precise placement of the liquid being sprayed to minimize waste and maximize quality in a range of operations. The system provides automatic on/off control of electrically and pneumatically actuated spray nozzles with improved precision.

The AutoJet Model 1550 Modular Spray System is self-contained and compact. It is approximately 2.5 feet (0.76 meters) tall and one foot (0.3 meters) wide for  integration into any operation. Operators can be deployed to other tasks once the delay time, spray time, repeat time and duty cycle have been set. The system is available in three configurations so users can purchase the needed level of control: liquid pressure only, liquid and atomizing air pressure or liquid, atomizing air and fan air pressure.

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