Accu-Lube Gel Paste is environmentally safe and made from renewable resources

Accu-Lube Gel Paste is a natural-based lubricant that is made from renewable resources. This workable lubricant is designed for horizontal applications, because it won't run or drip. Due to the gel texture of this non-toxic product,  Accu-Lube Gel Paste can be applied to small and large tools with a soft brush without risk of damaging the tool.

Accu-Lube Gel Paste is designed to eliminate the mess and waste causes by other lubricants. No cleaning is required before heat treating, and it is well suited for short-run machining, reaming, tapping and drilling. This dark blue gel is a neutral product that is designed not to cause contamination or discoloration of products and is safe for use on all metals. Since it is biodegradable and non-hazardous, no special disposal is required.

Accu-Lube Gel Paste is supplied ready to use and is available in 8-oz. jars and 5-gal. pails.

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