Camfil Farr APC's HemiPleat Nano dust collector filter combines nano media with an open-pleat design

The HemiPleat Nano dust collector filter from Camfil Farr Air Pollution Control is designed to provide higher filtration efficiencies, longer service life and lower pressure drop than competitive nano fiber filters. According to the manufacturer, a new technology is used to apply a thick layer of nano fibers to the surface of the HemiPleat filter, yielding a MERV 14 efficiency rating.

The HemiPleat Nano media is designed to handle difficult dust challenges and withstand rigorous pulse-cleaning for all types of dry dust applications. The product line includes MERV 14 and MERV 16 efficiency options with a choice of high-performance standard or fire-retardant cellulose-blend base media.

The filter also combines nano media with HemiPleat's open-pleat design. Open-pleat spacing is engineered to allow better utilization of the media pack, resulting in better airflow through the cartridge for more efficient performance. Dust also releases more readily during pulse cleaning, using less compressed air for many applications and bringing further energy savings.

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