DuctSox' ChemSox fabric duct air dispersion system is designed for chemically harsh environments

DuctSox offers ChemSox, a fabric duct air dispersion system for chemically harsh environments in metal plating, paper/pulp, wastewater treatment, chemical processing, plastics manufacturing, petrochemical, battery manufacturing, and other highly corrosive and caustic industries. 

ChemSox’s recyclable, inert high density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric is designed to outlast conventional polyester-based fabric duct and accessories, which are subject to brittleness and cracking in harsh environments. Although it was developed for chemical resistance in environments using substances such as hydrochloric acid, sodium sulfate and isopropanol, ChemSox also resists the corrosiveness of many other chemicals as well.

ChemSox is manufactured in round, pliable lengths of semi-translucent fabric that use zippers to join sections together. Sections are available up to 50 feet in length and in diameters from six to 56 inches. Unlike metal duct/register systems, ChemSox features a High-Throw design that delivers air throws of up to 75 feet and a uniform linear array of orifices that offers a more even air distribution.

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