Brady's ToughStripe floor marking line includes floor tape, corner marks, die-cut shapes and floor signs

Brady introduces its ToughStripe floor marking products, a line of industrial floor tape, corner marks, die-cut shapes and floor signs. The ToughStripe floor marking products feature a low-profile design, polyester material and a “one-man application” dispensing system.

The tape features a polyester material with a liner, which is designed to prevent the tape from stretching. The floor tape is packaged in a dispensing box that is engineered to hold the line straight while the user removes the liner and applies the tape.

ToughStripe floor marking products are available in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes, including floor tape and floor signs, as well as dashes, dots, arrows, footprints and corner marks (L, T and + shapes). The floor tape is available in two-, three- and four-inch widths. The floor signs feature ToughStripe tape and anti-slip tread that is engineered to help prevent workplace slips, trips and falls.

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