Cameron's Turbo-Air Blower features no wearing parts for minimal maintenance

Cameron’s Turbo-Air Blower (TAB) provides technology and reliability for your blower needs. With no wearing parts, there is minimal maintenance, reducing maintenance costs. The TAB was designed to meet the specific requirements of customers in the blower market. These product features include reliability, peak efficiencies at design point, constant pressure control, guaranteed performance, specification compliance and easy installation.

Available in one- or two-stage configurations, each Turbo-Air Blower provides 100% oil-free air. Typical TAB applications include fermentation in the pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and renewable energy sectors. Turbo-Air Blowers are also used in such applications as pneumatic conveying, flue gas desulfurization and waste water treatment. Turbo-Air Blowers are available in flow ranges from 600 to 12,000 ICFM (23 – 340 m3/min) and pressure ranges from 12 to 85 psi (0.83 – 5.9 bar).

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