Cameron's Turbo-Gas 2040 compressor prevents oil contamination and minimizes NOx emissions

Cameron’s Turbo-Gas (TG) 2040 is a low-emission solution for gas compression needs. Well suited for applications in such industries as power generation, air separation, and chemical and petrochemical processing, the TG-2040 provides reliable operation combined with minimal maintenance to deliver the lowest life-cycle costs available. Gases handled include landfill gas, bio gas, natural gas, digester gas, CO, CO2 and Nitrogen.

The TG-2040 is an oil-free gas compressor that prevents oil contamination and minimizes NOx emissions. The non-contacting gas seal design guarantees complete seal gas recovery without any wearing parts. The compact package with a reduced footprint does not require a foundation and is shipped ready for installation.

The TG-2040 is rated for a maximum discharge pressure of 585 psig (40 barg) and is capable of producing 3000 SCFM (85 Nm3/min), depending on the gas composition.

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