Mayfran's Coolant Management and Control System automatically monitors, reports and controls coolant characteristics

Mayfran International is introducing several products for chip, coolant and scrap management. Leading the group will be the ConSep Flex that combines features of a hinged steel belt conveyor, a scraper/drag conveyor and magnetic bed technology with a permanent media self-cleaning drum coolant filter. This “three-in-one” chip removal system will provide manufacturers with flexibility and faster response time for an array of machining demands.

The Coolant Management and Control System from Mayfran Europe automatically monitors, reports and controls coolant characteristics, taking the guesswork out of coolant management, extending coolant life and increasing machine tool productivity. Also being introduced from Mayfran Europe is the HPF 300, a stand alone filtration unit that cleans coolant of fine particles down to 10 micron using paper media.

Rounding out the at-the-machine chip and coolant management product offering will be a chip tote conveyor specially outfitted with a combination chip shredder and small wringer designed to reduce chip volume while wringing out excess coolant in one simple, economical package.

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