Bilco's Type TER and TRD floor doors provide both safe access and an appealing aesthetic in finished flooring applications

Floor doors are often installed in commercial buildings to provide maintenance and emergency personnel with safe access to areas below building floors. In many cases, these doors are installed in areas where they are surrounded by attractive, architectural-finished flooring materials. Installation of a standard diamond plate cover in these settings, while practical, can detract from the overall beauty of an architect's design. The Bilco Company has designed a pan-type floor door to provide both safe access and an appealing aesthetic in finished flooring applications.

Bilco Type TER doors blend with the surrounding flooring material while providing routine or emergency access to vital equipment hidden underfoot. These doors are designed with a pan cover to accept a variety of flooring materials, including terrazzo, ceramic tile, bluestone, textured concrete or granite, up to one-inch in thickness. Regardless of the finished flooring selected, Type TER covers are spring-balanced for smooth, easy operation after installation of the specified flooring material. In addition to this engineered lift assistance, the doors feature an automatic hold-open arm to automatically lock the cover safely in the open position, as well as a locking mechanism for security.

Bilco Type TER pan-type doors are constructed of aluminum and are available in a number of standard single- and double-leaf (TRD) models. To conform to the finished floor pattern and access requirements, special sizes can also be specified.

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