Tel-Tru's P612 and P622 intrinsically safe pressure transmitters are designed to operate safely in hazardous areas

Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company has expands its Silicon Glass Fused Sensor Series of Pressure Transmitters. Intrinsically safe instruments, specifically designed to operate safely in hazardous areas, are now available.

The Tel-Tru P612 and P622 are cCSAus Intrinsically Safe certified to Class I, Div. 1, Groups A, B, C and D when used with approved zener barrier systems. The two models are the newest additions to Tel-Tru’s P600 Series, which features a single-piece 316L stainless steel sensing element with a high output silicon glass fused strain gauge. This combination maximizes cycle life even in the presence of pressure spikes, vibration and aggressive fluid media.

Model P612
The robust, 316L sensor is welded to a 316 stainless steel body and includes no O-rings or seals, providing leak-proof reliability. Three accuracy classes are available, including ±0.50%, ±0.25% or ±0.15% of calibrated span, and the transmitter can be ordered with pressure ranges to 10,000 psi. Many electrical connections are available, including IP69K options for maximum washdown protection. The P612 is field re-rangeable for the utmost in application flexibility. Each unit also comes with a calibration certificate (NIST traceable).

Model P622
The P621 offers nearly all these features, plus meets the needs of many sanitary applications. It is designed and manufactured in accordance with 3A standards, and is compatible with CIP and SIP maintenance procedures. The transmitter can be ordered with pressure ranges to 1,000 psi and with a variety of Tri-Clamp or Cherry-Burrell process connections.

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