Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories' SEL-734P Portable PQ Meter can be moved from site to site

A metering solution from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc. (SEL), the SEL-734P Portable PQ Meter, addresses the need for complete power quality monitoring that can be moved from site to site.

In addition to the meter, the kit includes three-phase voltage and current inputs, voltage leads, and split-core CTs, all secured in a ruggedized case. Acselerator QuickSet SEL 5030 Software is included free of charge, and retrieves and displays trended values and power quality disturbances.

Technicians at utilities, commercial properties and industrial facilities can take the SEL-734P Portable to any location requiring power quality analysis, including residences and commercial buildings where power quality complaints might be frequent. As a tool, the meter provides very rapid dispatch of power quality problem analysis.

Because the meter is preconfigured, it does not require any settings. Preprogrammed values include trending of: energy and demand; minimum, maximum, and average voltage and current; power factor; harmonics; flicker; voltage sags, swells and interruptions; and imbalance.

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