Penn Stainless' nonstandard welded tubular items are available in a variety of grades and ASTM specifications

Penn Stainless Products, through its Specialty Pipe and Tube Division, now offers nonstandard welded tubular items in stainless, duplex, nickel, six-moly and chrome moly materials, in both light gauge and heavy wall thicknesses. Penn Stainless maintains an inventory of plate and sheet materials to reduce lead times and manufacturing costs. In addition to production capabilities for nonstandard items, Penn Stainless offers tubular items off-the-shelf in both seamless and welded product.

Welded pipe and tube products from Penn Stainless are available in a variety of grades and ASTM specifications. Made-to-order OD sizes range from 1/8 inch through 96 inchs diameter, while stock sizes range from 1/8 inch through 24 inches diameter. Available in lengths up to 42 feet, Penn Stainless pipe and tube can be specified with wall thicknesses from .008 inch through 3 inches thick, and square and rectangular sections through 24 inches can be manufactured.

In addition to stock and custom-manufactured welded pipe and tube, Penn Stainless offers value-added services, including beveling, cutting, flaring and threading. Customers can also request specialty testing such as UT, X-ray and hydro testing, along with a range of additional custom specifications.

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