Emerson Process Management's Fisher Vee-Ball valve features expanded outlet for control of medium consistency fiber slurries

Emerson Process Management has extended its Fisher Vee-Ball family to include the V150E expanded outlet version. The valve features a transitional flow contour that increases in flow area from inlet to outlet. The V150E is designed for installation directly to a medium consistency pump discharge flange, and the expanded outlet will accommodate larger diameter transfer lines. The single piece body design has no gasket joints which eliminates  potential leak paths.

A critical part of the design is the segmented V-notch ball as the control element which has a natural shearing action good for pulp stock or slurry flows.  This segmented V-notched ball also provides excellent rangeability and an unobstructed flow passage which makes it ideal for this type of service.

The valve is offered in sizes down to NPS 3x4 (DN 80x100) and up to NPS 10x12 (DN 250x300) and mates with ASME Class 150 or PN 10/16 raised-face flanges.

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