Dranetz's Energy Platform EP1 is well suited for LEED energy studies and carbon footprint calculations

The Dranetz Energy Platform EP1 is a handheld electrical energy and power demand analyzer specifically designed for conducting facility energy audits and power demand studies. The EP1 is engineered for gathering, recording and reporting “where, when, and how much” electricity is used. With the growing emphasis on “green” facilities, the EP1 with its Energy Platform Report Writer (EPRW) software offers facilities engineers and electrical contractors a cost-effective means of gathering and reporting the data required to document energy savings. The EP1’s ability to record both forward and reverse energy is essential in grid-tied alternative energy system analysis.

The Dranetz Energy Platform is equipped with eight input channels — four current and four voltage — and is easily set up to monitor and record three-phase, split-phase or single-phase circuits. Its 4 GB of compact flash memory provides the largest storage available in the industry for recording data for extended periods. The intuitive automatic-configuration feature and color touch-screen interface combine to simplify monitoring setup and configuration. Measured data can be displayed onscreen or easily imported into EPRW (included) or DranView (optional) software that provides powerful reporting features including trending and energy-usage reporting.

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