Staco Energy Products' StacoSine open chassis active harmonic filters measure the harmonics generated from a nonlinear load and cancel them

Staco Energy Products introduces an open chassis product line of StacoSine active harmonic filters. The open chassis assembly allows a range of original equipment manufacturers, systems integrators and panel builders to incorporate the StacoSine within their final equipment configurations. The active filter can be mounted in a 20-inch-deep enclosure, up through 300 amps.

The active filter measures the harmonics generated from a nonlinear load and cancels them with a newly generated, opposite phase shifted harmonic current of the same amplitude (AC/DC/AC). StacoSine active harmonic filters are well suited for use with variable frequency drive systems, pumps/HVAC, water and wastewater treatment plants, off-shore oil platforms, on-site and emergency power generation, three-phase UPS, datacenters, process industries and general manufacturing environments.

The rating (ampere size) of the StacoSine is based on nonlinear load requirements (corrective current) rather than linear and nonlinear like traditional filters equipment. This allows a StacoSine with a reduced rating to be used  at a lower initial equipment cost. Up to six units can be added in parallel to accommodate future equipment additions. 

StacoSine meets or exceeds Total Demand Distortion (TDD) limits specified in table 10.3 of the stringent IEEE 519 Standards. Models are available for 208 through 690 Vac. Equipment ratings are from 25 to 300 amperes.

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