Konecranes' DynAPilot sway control system improves load control for all makes and models of overhead lifting equipment

Konecranes introduces the DynAPilot sway control system, which is designed to improve load control for all makes and models of overhead lifting equipment. The DynAPilot sway control system can be integrated into the bridge or trolley inverter of the crane to provide controlled operation for loads of all types and sizes.

Precise load control with the DynAPilot anti-sway technology helps to increase productivity by improving operational efficiency and minimizing downtime. The accurate anti-sway control of DynAPilot allows operators to safely move loads at higher speeds while positioning the load accurately. They can also apply faster speeds in process areas where the crane or trolley traditionally required operation at slower speeds, even close to walls. By automatically dampening load sway, DynAPilot also helps to maximize uptime by reducing the likelihood of load mishaps that can lead to production delays and shutdowns.

DynAPilot has been designed to minimize load sway due to normal crane movements. Before the introduction of automated sway control, combating load sway was the crane operator's job. It is a demanding skill that requires the operator to divide attention between controlling crane movements and monitoring the load itself. The DynAPilot integrated electronic system allows the operator to concentrate on the surrounding environment and select a safe travelling path. Even new or less experienced crane operators can control and position loads with precision and predictability and operate all motions simultaneously both in manual and automatic modes.

The DynAPilot sway control system calculates the optimal acceleration path using load height information and operator commands to detect and curtail load sway before it happens. The system also lowers the probability of grab collisions with walls and nearby equipment, protecting the load and reducing downtime and costs for repairs and clean-ups. DynAPilot also helps to reduce maintenance needs by optimizing motor torque usage, lessening the burden on travelling motors and reducing stress on wire ropes, power cables, rope drums, crane structural components, the crane runway and brakes.

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