StoneAge's 3-D Torus is designed for multiple cleaning challenges

StoneAge unviels its 3-D Torus for tank cleaning. The Torus is designed for multiple cleaning challenges. It operates under pressures from 2k-22k psi by simply changing the manifold and inlet coupling. Plus, there are four different inlet couplings, and the three interchangeable manifolds are adjustable to handle flows from 17-80 gpm.

The 3-D Torus comes with two- and eight-inch arms; longer extensions are also available.

The Torus offers long-lasting and durable magnetic speed control. Operators can adjust the magnetic rotation speed to adapt to different applications. The dial adjusts easily to decrease the speed for difficult applications and increase the speed for the easier applications. If the arms hit an obstruction, the tool simply stops rotating, and there are no broken gears to repair or replace.

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