Software Toolbox's FactoryWidgets Software offers up-to-the-minute manufacturing status information

Software Toolbox Inc. introduces FactoryWidgets that provide low-cost, high-performance data display objects to personnel anywhere in an enterprise for the viewing and monitoring of manufacturing data. FactoryWidgets enable any personnel — even those who aren’t directly involved in production operations — to monitor activities that impact the work they’re doing.

The widgets are user configurable in different colors and with customizable text to match the individual user’s needs. They can be set up with on-screen translucency so they aren’t obtrusive while people are doing other work. When target thresholds are reached, however, their behavior is easily noticed. Hovering your mouse over the FactoryWidget brings it into ‘focus’ for direct interaction. FactoryWidgets can be configured so that clicking on them links users to more detailed information that they usually may only have access to in a browser, and no closing or minimizing of other applications is needed.

The widgets can be placed or dragged anywhere on a user's screen to display essential manufacturing information as easy-to-read, up-to-the-minute status information for a range of indicators — from production rates and profitability to overall equipment effectiveness, energy usage, production yields, work order completion and other critical data elements.

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