Kollmorgen's KBM Series Frameless Brushless Motors deliver torque, power and speed within a compact, cost-effective package

Kollmorgen introduces KBM Series Frameless Brushless Motors. Available in 14 sizes for low- or high-voltage operation, KBM frameless brushless motors deliver the torque, power and speed, within a cost-effective package and compact footprint, that give system designers flexibility in specifying a motor that fits the specific performance and dimensional requirements of the application.

KBM frameless brushless motors are available in standard frame sizes ranging from 60 millimeters to 825 millimeter in diameter, and for 240 VAC or 480 VAC operation. Upon customer request, additional motor windings can be offered to allow optimized performance at lower voltages such as 12 or 24 VDC. Each frame size is available with up to three or four stack lengths. They feature fully encapsulated stator windings for improved thermal and environmental performance. Internal windings are rated for continuous duty operation up to 155°C (311°F), enabling highly reliable performance even under extreme duty and temperature conditions. Rare-earth neodymium Iron Boron magnets provide high continuous torque ranging from 1.45 N-m (1.07 lb-ft) up to 3445 N-m (2540 lb-ft), and peak torque ranging from 4.91 N-m (3.62 lb-ft) up to 12,812 N-m (9450 lb-ft), for maximum power ranging from 550 W (1.22 HP) up to 18.5 KW (24.8 HP) within the smallest motor package. They boast maximum available speeds at rated power from 105 RPM up to 18,600 RPM.

Additionally, rotor hub dimensions can be customized within certain constraints, enabling machine builders to tailor the KBM to their physical requirements. Rotor magnets are protected by metal retaining bands to enable fail-safe motor operation. Lastly, integral PTC thermistor (avalanche-type) overload protection meets UL/CE agency compliance guidelines.

KBM frameless brushless motors are RoHS compliant. While frameless part set motors cannot be labeled or agency approved as components, the KBM series has been designed to UL and CE guidelines in order to more easily facilitate certification in the customer’s higher-level assembly. 
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