Hobart Welding Products has added four glove options to its line of personal safety products

Hobart Welding Products has added four glove options to its line of personal safety products — Form-Fitted MIG Welding gloves, Premium Welding/Multi-Use gloves, Premium Work/Multi-Use gloves and a Value Pack containing a pair of mechanics gloves and a pair of welding gloves.

  • Form-Fitted MIG Welding Gloves — These gloves feature a design that fits the contours of the hand for improved comfort and maneuverability. They are lined with a flame-retardant cotton fleece and feature an indented foam back with perforated leather for maximum breathability, as well as a flame-retardant canvas duck cuff to protect the wrist and lower forearm. These gloves are sewn using Kevlar thread for increased durability.
  • Premium Weld/Multi-Use gloves — Designed for welding and general-purpose metalworking applications, these gloves are made from a combination of top-grain cowhide and pigskin to provide both comfort and durability. These gloves are unlined and feature an adjustable wrist strap. They are sewn with Kevlar thread and offer a padded palm and reinforced thumb area. 
  • Premium Work/Multi-Use gloves — Featuring a padded palm and reinforced thumb area, these multi-purpose gloves are made with genuine American deerskin and suitable for a variety of uses. These are the same gloves that are offered in the value pack. They are not intended for welding. 
  • Welding and Premium Work/Multi-Use Gloves Value Pack — Containing two pairs of Hobart’s Economy Welding Gloves and one pair of the Premium Work/Multi-Use gloves, this value pack offers a $19.98 savings compared to buying all three pairs of gloves separately. Hobart’s Economy Welding Gloves feature split-leather construction with finger welting and a light cotton lining. 
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