Spraying Systems offers process modeling services for spray system performance validation and testing

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Methods (FEM) and Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) modeling services are the most recent additions to the line of performance validation and testing services provided by Spraying Systems Co.’s Spray Analysis and Research Services group. These modeling services are used to predict the performance of spray systems or fabricated components in critical applications when actual operating conditions such as gas flow, extreme temperatures and large physical structures cannot be replicated in the company’s lab.

CFD is used to determine how spray performance is affected by gas and liquid flows, gas velocity, temperature, pressure and other operating conditions. Models are generated that validate whether the desired mixing, drying, cooling or chemical reaction will occur and the impact on the surrounding vessel or duct. Models typically determine factors like evaporation time, spray trajectory, drop size distribution in the gas flow, wall wetting and more.

FEM is used to analyze material suitability for spray injectors. These process models determine the impact of factors like pressure loads, thermal stresses and corrosion on various materials and injector designs.

The interaction between a solid structure and fluid flow at given conditions is evaluated by FSI. Models are created to determine the effects of stresses such as vibration and temperature on product design parameters.

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