MPulse Maintenance Software's MPulse v7 CMMS software is 100% browser based with no client application software to install

MPulse Maintenance Software announces the release of MPulse v7,  its fourth generation of CMMS software. MPulse v7 is 100% browser based with no client application software to install and is built using Microsoft.Net as its foundation. Customers will have the option to deploy the software internally within their Intranet or via MPulse’s Application Hosting Service. In either case, users of MPulse products will now have the advantages of accessing their application via their Web browser.

When performance and maintenance incidents occur, MPulse v7 lets maintenance managers know in rela time which assets and systems are being affected, the nature and severity of the problem, the impact to company operations, the likely cause and how to respond correctly. It does this by opening to an expanded, customizable, Maintenance Advisor where users can add charts, graphs, widgets, lists or Web sites to  personalize the presentation of real-time on-screen information, triggered alerts, reports and links. With customization options throughout the software, users have opportunities to present data to meet their needs, expectations or personal specifications.

The products in this generational upgrade include MPulse Gold, WorkFlow R, WorkFlow W, WorkFlow M and MobileWorks.

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