Zero-Max's low inertia CD couplings reduce cycle time and increase system productivity

Zero-Max introduces a low inertia, lightweight coupling with high torsional stiffness for servo motor applications.

The CD coupling has a robust, yet lightweight, aluminum design with the working part made of a special composite material. The composite disc design withstands the stresses of a servo motor’s high acceleration rates and high torque capacity better than other coupling designs. This results in lower energy requirements, and longer life of the motor and other operating components while ensuring uninterrupted system operation.

Zero-Max CD couplings are available in single- and double-flex models with or without keyways. The double-flex version is for precision applications requiring misalignment capacity greater than the single flex design. The single-flex models have a torque capacity range from 40 Nm to 1436 Nm and beyond with speed ratings from 4400 RPM to 17,000 RPM.

Zero-Max will design and build custom CD couplings to handle virtually any difficult application. All CD couplings are environmentally friendly and are manufactured of RoHS-compliant materials.   

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