ERG Lighting's eDriver family of LED power supplies offers efficiency in a range of solid state lighting applications

ERG Lighting, a division of Endicott Research Group, has introduced the eDriver family of LED power supplies for maximum efficiency in a range of solid state lighting (SSL) applications.

The eDriver family is available in a range of constant voltage and constant current drivers. These driver modules are 90% efficient and fully isolated, with universal input (120V, 220V, 277V), power factor correction > 90% and 0-10V dimming options.

eDrivers include the slimmest 100W LED power supplies on the market — up to 30% slimmer than other drivers in similar power ranges, and up to 50% smaller in total volume.

eDrivers provide the precise voltage and current critical for proper light output and SSL longevity and reliability. There is no wasted energy due to driver/load mismatch. ERG Lighting provides the exact driver that customers specify, with no unnecessary materials or functionality that would drive up the cost.

All ERG Lighting eDrivers will have UL8750 and CE approvals and a rating of IP67. ERG is ISO 9001 certified as well as RoHS and REACH compliant.

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